"D&K required the support of a proactive, self driven, medical industry experienced quality professional to help make general improvements ... OPS-CON Solutions, LLC has filled this role for D&K flawlessly.


OPS-CON Solutions, LLC uses Customized Solutions vs. Cookie Cutter approaches to Business System Development and Implementation.  Every Step is done with your team.

KPI's are defined around your Business Policy and Processes.  Simple, Efficient Process Maps are jointly created with your teams.

We Assess YOUR Business Processes and Needs against Industry Best Practices and Standards.


In aggregate our team offers

>150 years of accumulated

world class experience as





-Business Unit GM's


-Engineering Pro's

 at all levels and teams

Dan O'Leary

D&K Engineering



Business and Quality Management System- Implementation and Re-Engineering

Specialized for High Technology IndustriesHigh Technology Industries


Good Business= Good Quality

Good Quality= Good Reliability

Good Quality/Rel= Good Costs

Good Costs= Good Margins

Good Margins= Delighted


OUR Motto


OPS-CON Solutions, LLC provides implementation and ongoing sustain support depending on your needs.  Everything from Process Design, Process Re-Engineering, and Globalization support.